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REDUCED Silfrei, Plain Handle 0.20 x 40mm exp 03/14


Silfrei acupuncture needle is a superior quality, plain metal handled, Japanese style needle. The Silfrei needle is individually packed with a guide tube. The design of the Silfrei needle makes it particularly suitable for use with Japanese Needle Plungers. Ethylene Oxide sterilized, 100 needles per box.

Expiry 03/2014

Please note that short expiry date needles are non-returnable. Previously priced at £4.99 + VAT per box.
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REDUCED Dong Bang 0.30 x 30mm exp 07/14


High quality Korean spring handled needle produced using high-class stainless steel wire using advanced grinding technology and quality control systems. All needles have a precise and accurate point with a pine needle shape that enables an easy glide insertion. Needles are manufactured using high tensile strong and surface smooth surgical grade stainless steel. These needles are gamma ray sterilized. 100 needles per box with guide tube.

Usual price £5.15 +VAT.

Please note that short expiry date needles are non-returnable.
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