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  • Breaking Free from Persistent Fatigue - Lucie Montpetit

  • Wellness Coaching - Laurel Alexander

  • Finding Balance in Busy Lives, Teena J. Clouston This practical resource provides professionals with techniques for developing a more balanced lifestyle. The author discusses the meaning of whole life balance and explains how it can be achieved in reality with some simple, straightforward strategies.

  • Terian Koscik Terian Koscik describes in graphic form her grapples with anxiety, and how seeking help through a therapist allowed her to come to terms with her anxious feelings. Funny and daringly honest, it will strike a chord with anyone who has been affected by anxiety.

  • Margaret Rooke, Foreword by Mollie King Well known people with dyslexia from the arts, sports and business worlds share their stories and their advice in this empowering collection.

Showing 1 - 5 of 5 items