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  • An Integrated Approach Nick Dalton-Brewe

    £ 13.50   exc VAT
  • A Clinical Test for Identifying and Selecting Effective Points for Acupuncture and Related Therapies Stefano Marcelli

    £ 13.50   exc VAT
  • Edited by Zhu Bing and Wang Hongcai Traditional Chinese medicine has a complex history, yet the basic principles at the heart of practice have remained the same for hundreds of years. Without a solid understanding of these fundamental theories, effective practice is impossible. This book provides a complete introduction to everything that students and...

    £ 10.40   exc VAT
  • Finding Balance in Busy Lives, Teena J. Clouston This practical resource provides professionals with techniques for developing a more balanced lifestyle. The author discusses the meaning of whole life balance and explains how it can be achieved in reality with some simple, straightforward strategies.

    £ 11.50   exc VAT
  • Nutritious Vegetarian Food Garuda Hellas An accessible introduction to yogic cooking. It has over 50 recipes for everything from appetisers and mains to soups and drinks, and includes information on the principles behind the yogic diet as well as dietary recommendations and guidelines.

    £ 4.90   exc VAT
  • colour your way through the sequence of images.

    £ 14.99   exc VAT
  • by Lorraine Nicolle and Christine Bailey Tackling Inflammation and Other Ageing Processes for a Longer, Healthier Life.

    £ 9.99   exc VAT
  • Understanding pain is a very good way of relieving it.

    £ 7.10   exc VAT
  • Terian Koscik Terian Koscik describes in graphic form her grapples with anxiety, and how seeking help through a therapist allowed her to come to terms with her anxious feelings. Funny and daringly honest, it will strike a chord with anyone who has been affected by anxiety.

    £ 4.00   exc VAT
  • Principles of Chinese Herbal Medicine New edition for 2013

    £ 9.99   exc VAT
  • Dr. Daniel Keown

    £ 12.00   exc VAT
  • By Julian Scott

    £ 18.50   exc VAT
Showing 37 - 48 of 50 items