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The Chinese Book of Animal Powers


The Chinese Book of Animal Powers

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The Chinese Book of Animal Powers, Chungliang Al Huang For thousands of years, the Chinese have believed that each of us is born with the characteristics and powers of a member of the animal kingdom, depending on the month and year of our birth. Now readers of all ages can discover for themselves the fun and wisdom of this age-old Chinese tradition in this exquisite book by celebrated author and artist Chungliang Al Huang. Find out which animal powers you were born with and which powers your friends and family possess. Discover how to absorb and adapt other animal powers into your own. Have fun pronouncing Chinese names with sounds that date back to ancient times. Feel each animal's graceful movements by tracing elegant brush calligraphy. With a full-page spread devoted to each animal, a glossary of movement and art, and an easy-to-use year and month chart, The Chinese Book of Animal Powers is a unique introduction to the Chinese Zodiac by an expert teacher and philosopher. Contents Introduction. 1. Tswoo. 2. Neeoh. 3. Whoo. 4.Twoo. 5. Lohng. 6. Shurr. 7. Maah. 8. Yaang. 9. Hoh. 10. Jee. 11. Goh. 12. Joo. 13. Dancing Glossary. Author information Chungliang Al Huang is the founder of Living Tao Foundation, an international cultural-arts network for lifelong learning, and the director of the Lan Ting Institute, a cross-cultural study and conference center at the sacred and historic Wu Yi Mountain, now a UNESCO World Heritage Site in the People's Republic of China, and at Gold Beach on the Oregon Coast in the USA. He has written many classic books including Embrace Tiger, Return to Mountain: The Essense of Tai Ji; Essential Tai Ji; and The Chinese Book of Animal Powers, all of which are now brought back into print by Singing Dragon.

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