AWQ104E Electronic Acupuncturescope


4 Channel Electronic Acupuncturescope.

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  • 4 channel output
  • New IC circuitry, no cross over.
  • Polarity reversal switch for each channel.
  • Sensitive point location with both light and sound indication.
  • E-E/APD treatment and location switch.
  • High/low voltage switch: low for needles, high for TENS.
  • Continuous, intermittent & dense-disperse (modulated) wave forms.
  • Two frequency range settings: 0 to 100 and 0 to 1,000.
  • Improved crocodile clips wires and detection probe


Channels: 4 outlets

Output current: 0-18mA (low) +/- 20% (on 500ohm load), adjustable 0-40mA (high) +/- 20% (on 500ohm load), adjustable

Pulse rate: at X1 - 120Hz, adjustable at X10-1200Hz, adjustable

Pulse Width: at X1 position, 350µS at X10 – 40µS

Pulse shape: Biphasic rectangular wave

Wave form: Adjustable, dense-disperse, and intermittent

Polarity: Changeable from positive to negative or vice versa

Power source: 9 V battery, type PP3, 6F22 or its equivalent

Output jack: 3.5mm diameter jack

Unit dimensions: 155 (W) x 105 (D) x 60 (H)mm

Unit weight: 330 gm (body only)

Tolerance: ±20%

Operation temperature:+16ºC to +40ºC or + 61ºF to 104ºF


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