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Ondon Japanese Moxa Starter Kit


Ondan Japanese Moxa Starter Kits inc 120 pcs

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An ideal Starter Kit that includes:

Japanese Ondan Smokeless Moxa cones: 120 pcs

This compact pack includes 6 moxa baskets which are also sold separately as MX33.

Also included is a scoop to enable the easy application of the lit moxa within the basket to be transferred on and off the needle.

Best quality smokeless moxa from Japan.  No smoke, no smell.  Ideal in all situations where moxa smoke is a problem.  Easy one touch lights.  Because of the high quality of the product and manufacturing process, there is no problem with the hot mmoxa ash dropping on to the patient.  Each cone burns at an average effective treatment hear of 35 degrees C for up to three and a half minutes.

Vacuum sealed packet, 120 pcs.

Larger pack sizes are available in 240 pcs and 480 pcs.  Refer to MX32

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