Accuband 800


Accuband 800 magnets supplied on a plaster can provide pain relief for musculoskeletal, box contains 24pcs.

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ACCU-BAND emits a constant pressure and a concentrated magnetic flux of 80mT (800 gauss), thus giving a continuous effect to shoulders, arms, legs or wherever ACCUBAND is applied. The plaster adheres even in water and the magnet will not rust. The south pole faces towards the body. Box of 24 pcs.

Magnets - do they work? There are many people who swear by the benefits of magnets for pain relief from arthritis and other painful musculoskeletal symptoms. For more information please .

Magnets are a safe non-invasive treatment, although they are not recommended for people fitted with a pacemaker or similar device.

Please note however, that so far no medical trial has ever proved that magnets are beneficial for pain relief, as it is difficult to conduct studies that can account for the placebo effect when using magnets. This is because real magnets attract metal objects like a paper clip so a patient can normally tell whether the bracelet or patch is magnetic or not.

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